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Monica has served the non-profit community for the past three decades, through both emcee and auctioneering roles. She has a huge heart for different causes on many levels, including but not limited to, assisting animals, helping people living with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, domestic violence survivors, advocating for women's empowerment, first responders, military, education, health and nutrition, and serving needs in the low income community, among many others.

Monica is a very energetic and vibrant emcee. She studies the organization's mission statement and engages with their supporters to raise the most funds possible. She is also booked annually with many of the same organizations. Monica is not only well versed in the role of an emcee, but also as a competent auctioneer, with the ability to boost silent auction items and Fund A Need.  


Book Monica for your event! Your guests will walk away informed, entertained and motivated to donate to the highest level.

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